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Preproduction for my new album is underway, and I'd love to invite you to be part of the process.

My main focus is writing new songs, and sharing them with you as I write them.

The process and thereby creation of audio, video, lyrical and photographic content is only completely available to subscribing supporters.

The process is an interactive journey of creativity that will culminate into an inclusive production of a fourth studio album.

My last album 'Yhan Leal' and music video 'Up on the Mountain' were made possible by fan funding, and my goal here is to expand the idea and continue to create such works in a creative, sustainable and inspiring way.

​All it takes is $5 or more per month and you'll have exclusive access to all my new songs, videos and complete back catalogue.

I hope you'll be part of the dream.


Much love,

Yhan xx

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Yhan Leal
Bellingen, Australia
Yhan Leal is a singer songwriter living in Bellingen, a peaceful riverside town on the east coast of Australia.

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